Hit it right off – 一拍即合 一见如故

Hit if off (with someone):

  • to be friendly with each other immediately
  • If two people hit it off, they like each other and become friendly as soon as they meet.
  • 一见如故,相谈甚欢,意气相投,一面如旧,一拍即合


Illusions are dangerous people – 幻设之人很危险


  • An illusion is something that appears to exist or be a particular thing but does not actually exist or is in reality something else.
  • Something that is not really what it seems to be.


  • A fault or weakness in a person’s character.


  • to say something during a conversation, but not discuss it much or give many details


Put that all together really fast – 脑子转得真快啊

Put it together:

  • To consider or contemplate multiple things in order to arrive at some conclusion or deduction. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “put” and “together.”
  • 推断、考量、合计;推敲/琢磨/思考了一番之后认为/觉得什么什么, 或得出了什么结论等等


Pricks are spontaneous – 渣男举止自然随和

Pricks are spontaneous, they’re unpredictable, and they are fun. And then we’re surprised when they turn out to be pricks。



Miss: 小姐-想念-错过-不见了-漏掉


  1. a title used in front of the last name or whole name of a girl or woman who is not married – 小姐
  2. to feel sad about someone because they are not with you any more – 想念,惦记,牵挂,
  3. to be too late for train, bus, etc – 错过,没赶上,失之交臂
  4. no longer where they should be and you do not know where they are – 不见了,没影儿了,找不到了,下落不明,去向不明
  5. fail to notice or understand something – 漏掉,被忽略了,看漏了,写漏了,没听清