Fall for something – 上当、被忽悠

Fall for something:

  • to be tricked into believing something that is not true
  • 上当、中计、中了圈套、被忽悠、被蒙骗、被圈进了骗局中、落搭(粤语)

Put some time in on sth.

  • To invest some amount of time to something or some activity.
  • 在某事上面/某人身上 费了、花了、付出了、投资了、投入了 多少多少时间


  • with a definite intention, not by chance or by accident
  • 故意地,有意地,存心地,有蓄谋地,有居心地等等说法



Dan:Put a lot of time in on Alice. I was deliberately late for work because I wanted her to believe that she was more important to me than my job.
Mike: She fall for that?


  1. He told me that he owned a mansion in Spain, and I fell for it.
  2. How could you fall for such an obvious trick?
  3. He’s put years of his life in — on this research.
  4. The police believe the fire was started deliberately.
  5. You did that deliberately, just to annoy me.


  1. 他说他会回一个电话给我。我可没真信那话。
  2. 你不能在一件乐器上只花一两个小时,然后就想着可以学会了。

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