Put that all together really fast – 脑子转得真快啊

Put it together:

  • To consider or contemplate multiple things in order to arrive at some conclusion or deduction. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “put” and “together.”
  • 推断、考量、合计;推敲/琢磨/思考了一番之后认为/觉得什么什么, 或得出了什么结论等等


  • Clear to almost anyone
  • 对几乎任何人来说都清清楚楚,明明白白。


  • Macmillan Dictionary 之 Obvious一页

影片例句(一段对话 ):

Maggie:Don’s not my boyfriend.
Mackenzie:He’s in a picture on your desk. It’s with a couple of your friends so it’s not obvious, but it’s a picture of your boyfriend.
Maggie:You put that all together really fast.


  1. When I put all the evidence together, it seemed pretty clear that the firm was lying to me.
  2. There were so many elements to the case that I just couldn’t put them all together.
  3. For obvious reasons, I won’t go into details.
  4. It was obvious from Eleanor’s voice that she disliked John.


  1. 肯定有人能将这些理出个头绪来。
  2. 我真的搞不懂你是怎样找到这个答案的。


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Updated: 11 Oct 2021
First posted on 04 Oct 2021